Editing Services


I offer editing services for authors who want to polish their manuscripts before sending it to agents and publishers, or who want to self-publish their work. For more information about my experience, click the link below for my résumé.

Jordan McDowell_Resume_Freelance Editing_Mar 2017


  • Copyedit: $18/hour
    • Includes editing for grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and general mechanics.
  • Line edit: $20/hour
    • Includes editing for content, style, and language usage.

I am happy to do a sample edit of the first 1000 words of your manuscript, free of charge, to help you determine whether these services are for you. I am also willing to negotiate alternative pricing. For more information, email me at jradmcdowell@gmail.com, or contact me through this blog. I look forward to working with you!