How I Decided to Come Out from Under the Blankets

So here’s the story.

Up until a year ago, I was writing in secret. Whenever I found myself in a circle of strangers trying to get to know each other, I always told them that I liked to cook, or bake, or do yoga. I was always really embarrassed to tell people that my real love was for the written word.

Things took a funny turn. My mom had been recommending for some time that I listen to the Happier podcast by Gretchen Rubin. (When your mother makes a suggestion, you should probably do it. Even if for no other reason than to say that you tried it.) Finally, I did, and it was so fun that I decided to start looking for podcasts about writing.

The first writing podcast that I listened to was Creative Writing Career. It was my first step into any kind of a creative writing community.  The more I listened to these guys talk about writing, the more I realized I was missing out on something big, and that I needed to get involved. So I did.

From that point onward, I started telling people that I was a writer–that I wrote science fiction novels. I edited my bylines in Facebook and Twitter to say that I was a science fiction writer posing as a law student, and changed all my “secret” writing boards on Pinterest to a public view. I started talking to other people at school who I knew were writers, and I immersed myself in the law school’s creative writing club. (You know you’re at a great law school when there’s a creative writing club.) I was kind of surprised to find out that people didn’t think it was geeky–they thought it was cool. And there were still other people who said they wanted to write, but were afraid to try.

All this led to my joining a writing group, which I had never done before. I’m still really new to it, but I can say for a fact that it’s made me a better novelist, and it’s given me new confidence in myself and my writing. This blog is my attempt to expand my creative writing community and find other writers who might be feeling embarrassed like I was. Coming out from under the blankets will only make you a better writer. If you don’t believe me, just keep following, and I’ll try to convince you.

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